ECSCW 2019 is slowly taking shape

Last week Michael Muller and I sent out the first-round notifications for ECSCW 2019. For the last two editions the conference has adopted a journal model, and articles are published in the CSCW journal. Out of the 64 submitted articles, about half were invited to be resubmitted, and many will hopefully qualify for final acceptance. I’m very excited by the number of very interesting manuscripts I have read and how, if accepted, they could deepen and expand ECSCW research – this is also the best reward for the incredible amount of work that has gone into this process. The Program Committee members have also done an amazing and valuable job with the high quality reviews and comments they have provided the authors with. The community is indebted to them for their effort during a very busy and stressful time of the year, as December usually is, and for the scientific rigour, the politeness and sense of care I have seen in many reviews. 

Stay tuned and keep an eye open for the final program!