Already two interesting talks this week

This week has started with two very interesting events. On Monday I went to the opening keynote of the Existential Terrain Conference to listen to Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Brown University, USA. The title of Wendy’s lecture was “Proxy Politics: From Global Climate Change to Racial Profiling”. Wendy raised very interesting issues on the materiality of information and algorithms and how they become proxies that make decisions based on people’s online connections even when they’re silent and do not say anything.

Today (Tuesday) was another stimulating day with Ann Light giving a talk at our Department. Ann is a Professor of Design and Creative Technology at the University of Sussex and she talked about ”Framing Wonder: Beyond Design for Existential Crisis”. In her talk, she discussed the role of CHI and designers of technology in addressing existential and world crisis such as climate change, mass migration, escalating refugee numbers, austerity policies, etc. Ann’s talk drew on her the paper she presented at CHI earlier this year.


My brilliant friend – non academic post –

Only in bad novels characters always do and say the right thing, and events are always explained by clear and direct causes. This is the key to the tetralogy “My brilliant friend” by Elena Ferrante. All the characters are vivid, imperfect and real, like their everyday lives. You’re drawn to them and then want to take a distance from them, but getting to the end of this contradictory story about friendship, Italy and Neaples makes you wish you could read more of it.

I bought the first book of the tetralogy last spring because I wanted to read something italian in Italian, and because I was curiuos about an author I hadn’t read before. I was surprised to find out that the books are international bestsellers and very popular in Sweden too, so belive all the hype and just read them