Digital Stewardship: Infrastructuring Waste Management Through Digital Platforms

This project will study, design and develop the integration of digital platforms and sensor technologies to support people to collectively act to care for the environment. We call this collective work ‘Digital Stewardship’. We will develop a framework that will guide technology, service designers and interested stakeholders to deliver socio-technical innovation that reduces the environmental problems of waste management within multi-apartment buildings in Sweden. This focus includes both the concerns and roles of single households and the housing cooperative running the building. By focusing on the specific environmental concern of waste management1 within multi-apartment buildings, this project addresses the problem of how care for the environment is collectively achieved, and how it can be structured and sustained through the integration of digital platforms and sensor technology.

Funding agency: Kamprad Foundation
Project duration: April 2020-March2023

Team Members
Chiara Rossitto, Principal Investigator, Stockholm University
Rob Comber, Royal Institute of Technology
Jakob Tholander, Stockholm University
Mattias Jacobsson, RISE

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